In catwa etherion fapple maitreya moon amore redmint swallow

Redlight Piggy

:Moon Amore: Kinky Nails (White)
^^Swallow^^ Maitreya Aphrodite Bento Rings
Fapple- Bank Control
  • Little mesh piggy bank that comes in 3 versions, one just deco, one tip jar and one donation box. The piggy is copy and modify, the scripts inside are also modify to easily set up how the piggy works to the customer's needs.

HAIR: (r)M Hair, No.36'16 (Redheads)
SHAPE: :Etherion: Lilith
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
SKIN: amara beauty - Powder Pack CATWA AUG 2017 - Lilian

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